Check balance

 -How to check thePay balance ( each item)-
Please check balance of each item.

Part 1

Prepaid mobile balance

thePay only recharge service for mobile. 
APP can not check the balance of prepaid mobile. This is the way to check balance.

-Prepaid mobiel balance 1-

1-1. Dial 114 (Free)
Listen ARS (Voice recording) and select balance check.

1-2.  Some telecom will be sent SMS for your mobile balance.

Part 2

-How to check international call balance 1-

1-1. Click "call"

1-2. Click "balance"  and check balance on the top

- How to check internatinal call balance 2-

2-1. Cleck "menu"

2-2. Clickj "My page"

2-3. Click "Check balance" 

2-4. Check the balance

- How to check international call balance 3-

3-1.  Call "00796" without app.

3-2.  press 14#.

if you can not recharge international call  Click here! .

Part 3

thePay Cash balance

thePay bonus point balance

- how to check balance of Cash / Point  1-

1-1. Click "refresh" 

1-2. Check "thePAY Cash" and "Bonus Point"

- how to check balance of Cash / Point  2-

2-1. Click "Menu"

2-2. Click "History"

2-3. Check.

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