[thepay Recharge method ]
Please try to recharge as the follow each step!

Part 1

Recharge prepaid mobile(Voice/Data) method

[prepaid 1] Click ""Mobile(Voice/Data)" button.

[prepaid 2] Select item ""Prepaid mobile recharge(voice/data)

[prepaid 3] Select recharge item (Voice/Data)

[prepaid 4] Select amount

[prepaid 5] Click ""Recharge"" button.

[prepaid 6] Check Rechage information again and click "OK"

Part 2

Recharge International call method

[kt the+ 1] Click [kt the+00796]International call recharge

[kt the+ 2] Check number and select amount

[kt the+ 3] Click "Recharge"

[kt the+ 4] Check recharge information and Click "OK"

[kt the+ 5] Check recharge result in history after 5~10sec.

Part 3

International call recharge by Barcode( 24hours store)

[store1] Select [kt the+00796] 24hour Mart

[store2] Show Barcode and tell recharge amount to store staff.

[store3] If store staff don't know recharge method, click Red button and show him.

[store4] you can recharge 24 hours store(CU,GS25,7eleven,Mini stop) all area in Korea.


Ask help desk(support language) Tel: 1666-0146