【Expiry of Visa】How can I recharge through thepay?
This is thepay help desk. Answer is ..

If you see this in the message,

【Expiry of Visa】
Recharge failed due to the expiry of your visa.
》Your telecom cannot recharge because your visa has expired.

◈ The solution is:
▶If you registered your mobile phone with your alien-registration card,
》Please check 'Duration of Stay' in the back side of your alien-registration card. 
》If you have extended your visa, call customer service at (114) and send them copy of your alien-registration card.

》For more information on extending your visa call immigration at (Tel: 1345 - service available in all languages)

▶If you registered your mobile phone with your alien-registration card (ARC)
》You can only use the phone for 90 days.
》If your register your mobile phone with ARC, you can use it until your visa lasts.
》You can visit the nearest mobile store and change the registration with ARC .
》If you have more questions, please consult customer service at (114).

If your recharge failed but made payments in thepay, you have your balance in thePayCash, you can use it to charge another number.

If you want to know more about this, go to http://m.thepay010.com.
To talk to Customer Service ☎ 1666-0146(service available in all languages)