[International Call] How to recharge with thePay Cash?
This is thepay help desk. Answer is..

Let us explain how to use thePay Cash.
thePay Cash enables you to use thepay more easily.

[kt the+ 1] If you want to recharge international call, press "KTthe+00796".

               If you want to recharge prepaid phone, press 'Mobile (voice/data)' and select voice.

[kt the+ 2] Check the mobile number and select the amount you want to recharge.

[kt the+ 3] You don't need to pay with your card, thePay Cash pops up below, Click  'Recharge'. 

[kt the+ 4] Recheck to see if the number and amount is right, if it is, press 'OK'.

[kt the+ 5] Wait for 5~10 seconds for the process to complete. You can check the result in history.