[Payment] What do I do when prepaid phone recharge fails?
This is thepay help desk. Answer is ..

Go to 'History' and press on "?" to find out why recharge failed and steps to take.. 

1. Click on "?" beside Fail . You will get detailed information on why the recharge failed. 

[Case-1] What to do when the app cannot find your telecom?
(1) Try recharging again.
(2) Call 114 and find your service provider by listening to the ment.
(3) Contact CS  directly.

Ask help desk(support language) Tel: 1666-0146

[Case-2] What should I do if visa expires?
(1) Extend your visa
(2) Contact your telecom and ask them to renew service.
(3) Recharge with thepay.

[Case-3] Your telecom declines recharging your phone?
(1) The item you have chosen cannot be recharged.
(2) You registered your phone with your passport. (expiry of valid date)
(3) Your telecom has stopped your service.