[Recharge] How to recharge thepay CASH?
This is thepay help desk. Answer is..

How to recharge ‘thePAY Cash’ Quick and easy!

1. Start the ‘thePAY’ app

2. Touch the ‘Deposit thePAY cash’button

3-1. Touch the‘credit/check card’ button

3-2 . Select the amount you want to recharge

4.  Fill in yourcredit/check card number and the expire date

5. If you recharge frequently,you can save your card information

   / You can refer to the image when you fill in your information

6. When everything has been completed, touch the ‘payment’ button


-How to charge Cash Account-

7-1. Touch the ‘bank account’ button

7-2. Select the bank you will deposit to thePAY Cash

8. If you have chosen,touch the ‘change bank account’ button

9. When the notice popup, touch ‘OK’

10. You have successfully changed your bank account

11. Check the bank account number and depositor’s name

     Make your deposit and it’s done . Your installation is complete!


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