[Install] How to install thepay (Android)
This is thepay help desk. Answer is..

-Android (Play-store) install-
Please follow the instructions to install "thePAY"

1. Access to the play store

2. Click on the search bar

3. Touch the search bar, type the words 'thePAY' and click search

4. Find the 'thePAY'application in the search results 

5. Touch the 'Install' button and download 'thePAY'

6. To enable access for 'thePAY' , Click 'OK'

7.  Touch the Apps and, search "thePay".  

8. Select your language of choice.

9. Check the terms and conditions.
   Finally, Click 'OK'

10. Now! Start  the thePAY

Ask help desk(support language) Tel: 1666-0146