[Install] How to install thepay (I-phone)
This is thepay help desk.Answer is..

-IOS (APP-store) install-
Please follow the instructions to install "thePAY"

1. Click on the app store icon

2. Click on the search icon

3. Type the words 'thePAY' or “00796” and click search

4. Find the 'thePAY'application and touch to “GET” button and install

5. To enable contact access for ‘thePAY’ , Click ‘OK’

6. Select your language.

7. Check and agree the terms and other conditions and click OK.
Type your mobile number and Click “Send authentication number” button.

8. The authenticate number SMS has been sent.

9. Remember 4digits authenticate number in SMS

10. Type 4 digit authenticate number in 2nd box

13. thepay installation is complete!

14.You have successfully downloaded 'thePAY’.

    Click on the application 


Ask help desk(support language) Tel: 1666-0146